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We are xmport studio, a Motion & Design studio based in Bali, Indonesia.

We aim to empower the world of Engineering, Technology, Sustainability and Innovation through motion design. Creating animation that delivers value and captivates viewers. We make complex ideas become engaging visuals to let the audience resonate and understand your purpose. 

Are you ready to scale up?

"Energym is the Tesla of Fitness" - Gymshark.

Imagine harnessing electric power from your workout session, Energym has that capability. We’ve been working together for the last 2 years delivering the most appealing visuals to deliver an Eco-Green message. 

One of the most influential jobs we landed.

#motiongraphics #3d #VFX

Having multiple assets without guidance is a nightmare. We helped ADHD Studio to achieve visual goals in delivering how safe and easy investing in multiple assets with JAM.

One of the early Motion Graphics gigs we ever landed.

#motiongraphics #3d #Finance

Nexvia is an Australian technology company whose team have been developing building and construction software alongside industry leaders for over 15 years. 

It is also a cloud-based project management solution

#motiongraphics #3d #UIUX

Automate everything in your vicinity. Scale up to automate how your city works. Datek creates a world where things, systems and people communicate.

One of the Motion Graphics gigs that starts our journey.

#motiongraphics #3d #Technology 

If you ever lost your data, don't know where to find the code you made before, or do different code languages become a barrier for you?

Avo helps teams plan, implement and verify analytics, so they don't fly blind and fail to build great user experiences. 

#motiongraphics #3d #UIUX

Delivering complex ideas with appealing visuals is what we did on this project. Lelangon made an innovation on Logistic Efficiency and they deliver the result! All they needed was a way to communicate their ideas.

And we came to the rescue! 

#motiongraphics #3d #industrial #factory

One of the fastest-growing Coffeeshop chains in Indonesia Jokopi was launching its new campaign on total sustainability. They develop a new recycling system and eco-friendly plastic material.

#Animation #Sustainability #Coffeeindustry


Motion Graphics just entered the most exciting era, it is time for corporates to use it as a tool. It is time to take action and create!

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